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University of WV at Charleston along the Kanawha River

The river was made for fun

Lovely Kanawha

Old homes along the river

Many styles and ages

This one will never burn down

A little more southern style

Plantation style

. . . and old cars too

Tall hills in town


Veterans Memorial of Viet Nam soldiers

World War II soldiers

Korea soldiers, see the names on the black wall to the right...

Wourld War I soldiers memorial

Booker T. Washington

The WV State Capital Building, the 3rd one. The other two burned...

Gold leaf on the dome

Lovely Grecian columns

And lots of butterflies all around

Their new cultural center and museum

West Virginia's flag 1863

Buckskin jacket of 1783

circa 1790 trough to preserve meat in salt water

Believed to be the first

Headstone of first WV citizen

Daniel Boone retired in WV

Germans & Scots-Irish settled here

Mother's Day

The Civil War split towns and families

A story of brothers

Civil War medals

one of the medals

WV, the 35th state

Spies & Guerrillas of the Civil War

Hand stitched American Flag with 35 stars

Original hand stitched flag

The feud of the Hatfields & McCoys

Company store of the coal miners

Replica of the company store

John Henry story

1877 Strike

Creator of the steamboat

Rumsey's model before Fulton

The new capital building

Red scarfs worn by the striking coal miners as they marched in...

The pride of West Virginia, the bridge over New River Gorge (replica)

There is a display of lovely quilts in the lobby of the...

Quilt display

More pretty quilts

Memorial to Coal Miners

The morning fog was not so thick it hid this deer

Oh my, there are more of them . . .

We visited the WV State Capital building today and walked around the grounds a little. There is a memorial to all WV veterans of the wars and to Coal Miners. The Cultural Center has a new museum in the basement level that rivals anything that Disney could put together.

The history began about 10,000 BC explaining how the mountains formed, talked about formation of coal and forests. It then walked us through the ages of frontiersmen, the Civil War, the Railroads and Coal Mines, the glass bottle manufacturing and into the current times. It was a very interesting history museum.

In the morning we had dense fog when I took Gidget out for her morning walk but the fog did not hide the deer that were grazing on the hillside near our rig.

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