To Halifax and Back With a Dog - 48 contiguous states in 2010 travel blog

This isn't just any ol' is the pride of North Tonawanda!


An immigrant from Scotland, Herschell settled in North Tonawanda and began building...

The sounds were wonderful.

All handed carved wood

I remember those!

This was a mini carousel...big enough for small kids...but not for me!

A wonderful room with many examples of the Herschell carvings


see next picture...

His front knees were hinged. Looks like he had a very sore...

How did I find this? The city limits sign read: "Welcome to...

That Casino on our side of the river

Hunter and I will be walking to that far point above the...

Back the other way, we are parked way down there...$20 parking!

The fury of the river is on this side too.

I didn't take any of the tours. For a minute I thought...

The American Falls from the other side. The narrow falls on the...

Okay, finally captured all in one. Sure wish there were a rainbow...

The lights that create the magic each night on the falls, are...


Canada's wild side!

From Rainbow Bridge...headin' home

Today was overcast all day so I wasn't able to shoot any rainbows over the falls...or get those magnificent cloud formations. Just blah. The SKY! Not the falls!

Still, starting our with a ride on a carousel always guarantees a good day.

Hunter and I did lots of walking. I wanted to get a picture with all of the falls in one photo and we walked as far as the parkway allowed and was just able to include both in one shot.

The only hard part of the day...or I should say, uninspiring, was getting back to the USA from the Canadian side. It took one full hour to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Two lanes and 10 customs booths at the end. They zipped me right through but many spent many many minutes at the booths before they were ushered on. I might add, it was Saturday and the majority of the license plates said Ontario! Maybe it was that big Casino on the other shore!

I had planned to visit a couple in Hamilton, Ontario, whom I met on a cattle drive in 1994. My pals Jo and Wayne (also on the cattle drive) have remained very close with them over the years and when Ray and Beth came out to visit them in Oct. 2008 I was able to spend a few days with them also. Great people. A wonderful couple. Unfortunately, A dear friend of theirs died unexpectedly the beginning of the week and the services were this weekend. They were on my mind all day yesterday.

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