Kenya - Summer 2010 :) travel blog

This morning we visited the KCC project, KCC is a slum in Naivasha and through the work of volunteers several classrooms have been built for these kids to have a chance to have an education. Spent some time playing with the kids and got a tour of the slum. Sadly didn't put any suncream on and got ridiculously burnt, typical me!

Went to Hells Gate National Park. Here we saw more giraffes, zebra and my favourite, pumba! Went gorge walking/hiking there too, was quite challenging at times but a lot of fun. Managed to climb a 20ft or so wall with bare hands and feet and no ropes, felt quite an accomplishment! Hiked to the top of one of the hills, some gorgeous views up there. Hells Gate is also home to natural hot springs, which are actually boiling hot! Walked most of the gorge in bare feet, was easier and at one point we slid down this rock where Izo(our guide, he maneuvers the rocks like an actual monkey!) pushed us into the waterfall at the bottom, luckily it was warm which is the closest thing i had to a hot shower in two weeks, was lovely!

Missed mums birthday today, gave her a wee call but couldnt stay on long as the homesickness is quite bad! :S

Stayed in Maai Mahu (maybe is the spelling?!) overnight ... was budget accommodation to say the least! Friday was the first time i ever experienced a hole in the ground rather than a toilet, and strangely everywhere i went this weekend that was our only option! Our room did have a hot shower, but as the temperature cannot be adjusted it was actually too hot to stand under! There was a bar right above our room so had continuous noise all night, and when that closed there were fights and bottles smashing outside our door!

Saturday morning, Gloria and I thought we had to leave at 9am. However when 8.30am came and our door was banged on telling us it was time to leave, we were still in bed ... quickest ive ever got ready!

So Saturday morning we sorted out the flour, rice and fat that we had donated into portions to distribute to families in IDP camps - these are camps set up by displaced families after the 2007 riots. They are literally tents made out of plastic sheets and old food sacks. Really small homes, usually one room, and families often have 10 or so kids. Were told some awful stories of young girls being raped when alone here though - a tale that is believed by many people here is that if you sleep with a virgin then you cure HIV.

Went to an education centre set up and run by volunteers, spent a good few hours digging up the ground for the floor to be laid resulting in blistered hands and sore muscles that I didn't know existed!

Gloria and I had a cheeky wee bacon cheeseburger at Java before our trip home - glad we did as the typical half hour journey took an hour extra as our bus broke down in the middle of nowhere in pitch black! Found it hilarious and typical of kenyan transport, gloria was less than pleased though due to our 2 hour drive back from Naivasha being along a dirt track road with potholes so big your head hit the roof! Its all part of the fun of Africa though ... :)

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