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Wow how fast has the week gone.

Saturday we went to a vodafone shop and got mobile phones so now i have an english number. If anyone wanted to call me the number is:

From a home phone: 0011 44 7876154907

From a mobile phone: +61 44 7876154907

Sunday we cought up with Emily Wilkinson who has been oveer here for 6 months and had a few beers with her.

Monday was a rest day and we didn't do much at all really (I think this was induced by the rain).

Tuesday was our first day at looking for a place to stay. We went to one area and at first it looked great but then when we went of the main street (where all the rental properties where) we quickly turned and ran! Next stop was Brockley the suberb where Emily lives. We found a place (it even had a plasma screen tv) it was very nice, but under our surcumstances (no job, no bank account, no rental history) we had no chance of getting it.

Wednesday day two of calling Agents. We viewed a couple of places today and we could of moved into one but it was pretty dirty and needed a good clean and paint (even then I dont think it would of been clean) but for the price it wasn't worth it.

Thursday got messages from three Agents to call them back. But in the men time some other guys from the hostel told us about a place that does share lets. They had a couple of places where we could move in on the weekend so we went and had a look. These places could also do with a clean and Andrew and I will have to share a room and there are 6 other people in the house but we can basically move out at any time and as long as we pay the rent they dont worry that you dont have a job. So we signed up and move in on Sunday.

Friday. Star Wars day. We booked our tickets online and cought the 10.30am session so after that we wondered around the city center and relxed nowing that we have a place to stay and that we will be applying for jobs come monday (better get a hair cut then).

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