Kenya - Summer 2010 :) travel blog

Rained last night, we danced in it! Hotel had a lukewarm shower, lovely change :) Am dreaming of hot showers when I get home, cannot wait! Flamingos at Lake Nakuru was incredible, just a long line of pink! Did not manage to complete the Big 5 sadly, we found rhino but no leopard! Were very close to seeing leopard though, came to the area minutes after it was spotted. Spent a long time hunting for it. At one point Jackson was looking out the wrong side of the van with binoculars and we were all like do you see it? And he was like, No, im looking to make sure theres no police around ... we're going offroad! Going offroad gets you a hefty fine but Jackson risked it several times for us, we couldn't have asked for a better driver! Sadly the offroad experience only brought us millions of mosquiotes :S

Karen left after the 3rd day of safari, so when we go home that evening she had already flown out. She left us a note though, it was so sweet I cried! Its amazing how quickly friendships grow out here, but I suppose when you're in such an intense situations it's inevitable.

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