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As usual, when we're told to meet at 8am, this is Kenyan time. So an hour later! We depart for Masai Mara. SUCH a long drive, thankfully the matatu is just a 9 seater so we weren't all squished in! The roads here are so potholey, so theres a hell of a lot of swerving around, the we hit nothing but dirt track for a solid hour at least, but at 70kmph it feels like you're constantly driving on a cattle grid!

On the way to the reserve we stopped at the top of a hill to look out upon the Great Rift Valley, was so vast! It runs for thousands of miles from Jordan to Mozambique.

We stayed in semi-permanent tents, including a lukewarm shower, woohoooo! Proper beds aswell, which was amazing - usually sleeping on the top bunk bed every night which squeaks with the slightest movement and have pillows filled with shredded plastic, seriously!

Went out on a short 2hour game drive at 4.30pm, where we got our first taste of safari. Was awesome! Saw zebra, gazelle, jackal, ostrich, and the first 2 out of the big 5 - buffalo and lion! Saw the lions just after their kill whilst they were feeding, got so close it was amazing!

Left at 8am on Saturday for a full day on the reserve. Almost straight away we saw a lioness hunting a zebra, was amazing to see but sadly due to the amount of attention it attracted the zebra were scared away by other trucks. Then saw number 3 of the Big 5, elephants! They were pretty awesome, a mother with its baby almost charged at us at one point though! Had the best driver possible, he has only been doing it for two months but has so much knowledge and is such good banter, he sings only the female parts of songs including Madonna and Whitney Houston, he kept us entertained! He cares just as much as us about getting in the best position to see the animals though, he raced for the best place possible to see the Wildebeest Migration! Everyone else was raging, we literally couldnt have been in a better place, so much so we were dangerously close to the edge of the cliff! Named the seventh Wonder of the World, it was absoulutely amazing to see literally thousands of wildebeest crossing. There were no crocodiles around so no blood and guts!

You don't realise how dirty you get even from sitting inside the safari van, will post pictures of my face when i get home!

To end the day we went to a Massai village. Saw their traditional dances and homes, which were literally mud huts. They showed us how they made fire from scratch, and then how the get blood from a cow, which they drink! It was a little disturbing to watch but the cow doesn't die, it's weak for a few days though. Marc drank the blood, have a picture of him with it dripping down his face! :S

Sunday ... up at 5.40am to watch the sunrise! Getting dressed in the dark was interesting, hello socks and sandals! Am looking ridiculously touristy at times here, its hilarious. The sky wasn't clear but the sunrise was still beautiful. Saw lots of lion activity, at one point there was a lioness walking right beside each side of the van! We witnessed two lionesses scrapping with a third to push her out of the pride, and there weren't enough males to go round. Was pretty crazy! At one point we came across a huge rock with 11 cubs, a lioness and a male lion on it. Was breathtaking, and once again Jackson got us into the best places to see it. Saw giraffes aswell, they were pretty cool :)

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