Year 5-Here we go travel blog

a better view from our park as we head to the metro...

No us to the ferry, a long 1 1\2 mile walk

there's the ferry

Naomi & Dave on the ferry

Naomi is excited

Ellis Island where all the refuges came into the U.S.

a nice sailboat

boat loads of people coming and going from the statue all day...

ready to head in to the museum

Wow, isn't she great

looking back on the skyline

the original flame

Naomi with a life size mold for the statues face

a picture of the workers building the statue

Great Liberty sayings

Naomi in the museum

the top of the brick is the outside walkway we get to...

Dave & Naomi on the outside walkway with New York in the...

Naomi & I outisde up high

It's a hot day, Naomi likes the breeze up here

looking up from our outside walkway on the pedastal

and looking down

Naomi inside the pedastal

sayng Good bye as we leave

back past Ellis Island

So pretty, New Jersery skyline-see the small white canopies, that's our park

see the small white canopies y the water, that's our rv park

New York skyline

everyone on top of the ferry is taking pictures

a new statue- Miss Naomi

A much nicer start to the day, sunshine but it could get hot today. After a good breakfast and taking care of the dogs, we walked up a couple blocks and caught the metro to Liberty State park where we were supposed to catch a bus down to the park and the ferry landing- At least that’s what the gal in the RV office said. Well the metro rail went well and then we found the bus stop and stood and waited and waited, finally Dave asked some guys working and they said it was a mile and 1\2 walk to the ferry so we waited some more, Then Dave called the bus company and found out they only run on weekends. Well by this time I was so angry at the misinformation that I got stubborn and wouldn’t take a cab that came along so we walked all the way down. It was worth it. The ferry ride was fun, it cooled us off and we had some awesome views of the New York City skyline and the Jersey City skyline plus Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. By this time it was early afternoon and we wanted the most time at the Statue so we just rode past Ellis Island. If you think New York city was crowded, it was amazing how many boatloads of people were unloading and loading at the statue. There were thousands of people but it didn’t seem really crowded except for the gift shop. We weren’t sure of our plans before we got to N.Y. so I hadn’t purchased ferry tickets ahead of time and we found out that you can’t get up into the Statue of Liberty without a monument pass for which you have to have advance ferry tickets and request it. It doesn’t cost anything extra but they have a limit on how many people can go inside. Well after we walked all around it, Dave found a ranger and asked how I could get my National Park passbook stamped and about getting into the Statue. He saw that we had Naomi with us and said “ You look like a fine upstanding American citizen, where are your tickets” Dave knew we didn’t have a monument pass and the ranger asked again for our tickets, we gave them to him and he signed them and said go on in. What a thrill, I was afraid I couldn’t get up as it is 157 steps but the ranger had someone meet us and took us up in the elevator to the 10th. Floor observation level. That is right at the bottom of the statue and has a walkway all the way around the top of the brick base. We went through the museum inside and saw the original flame in there and then spent the rest of our time outside on the observation walk taking pictures of the skyline and us. When we came back down it was almost closing time for the statue so we walked around and got some more great pictures and my book stamped at the ranger building. The ferry ride back was cooling and then Naomi and I waited on a park bench at the landing and Dave made the mile and 1\2 jog back to the metro and home to get the truck and come back for us. What a guy .. We are so lucky to have him. It was a fantastic day. Tomorrow we head to Connecticut and a visit with a used to be neighbor of ours from Minnesota who kind of adopted us so I call him my adopted son as he is the same age as Todd. That should be fun we haven’t seen him since we left Minnesota except for a short visit after he returned from Iraq and I got a ride from him when I flew home for an August runaway.

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