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Desert Oasis...Soccer on Artificial Turf!

Night on Main Tourist Street...Full Moon...Bon on Rt. Yes, It's COLD!

Undecifered Writings on Leather

Explaining the Importance of Sun Worship and Taking in Halucinogens

Explaining Tiwanaku of 1,000-1700 Years Ago

The Halucinigenic 'Tablets' They Used

An Explanation of Taking Halucinegenics

Explanation of Beginning Use of Wool

More On Early Textiles

Some of Gold Artifacts in Museum

Uses of Wood

Description of Use of Wood


List of What Indigenous Used To Eat


After checking out many of the tour outfits we settle on ...................for our trip across the salt flats. Our driver, Pedrito, was very nice tho spoke little English.

Others in group included Maria & Sabacian-Uruguay, Mario & Ignacia-Santiago, Chile.

Eduardo Avaroa Natl Park

Our trip was really fantastic:

Laguna Blanca

Laguna Verde

Volcano Licancabur

Salvador Dali Desert

Sol de Manana

I am suffering from dust, wind, cold, headache...otherwise, trip going GREAT!

Laguna Colorada

Flamingos lay eggs into the water, in 2009 there was no snow so no flamingos born. In 2010 fifteen cm of snow ie very little...who knows what will happen w/ flamingos. Even up to 5 years ago there would be 40 cm. From Nov thru March there are 90,000 flamingos. Up until 10 years ago there were 1,500,000 flamingos with 40 cm of snow. In the summer winds reach 100 mph and evaporates everything.

Vizcacha Little Animal Almost Extinct

This Plant Very Important in Altiplano. Because of the military being located in this part of Bolivia to protect the water supplies which have been diminishing, the small, rabbit like fellow (Vizcacha) is being killed and eaten in great numbers. Likewise, the yareta plant, important for it's flower which is used to control diabetes, is losing ground as well due to diminished water.

We drove by the Volcano of 7 Colors, where 185 years ago an asteroid hit and 10 years ago NASA came and carted away the remains.

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