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I typed a long catchup a couple of nights ago (26th) and just as I finished the internet connection dropped out - grrrrr! So here I am again and must remember to use the save button!

On Friday we went to Coolangatta for a wander around and had lunch there. I left my bag of shopping at the cafe where we had lunch - after we had gone back and thankfully it had been handed in - Barry said that he is so pleased I am getting forgetful like him LOL!

On Saturday morning we packed up and headed for Nerang. We went to stay with friends who had moved into their new house the day before. It was lovely to share in all the newness and excitement. The house is not finished yet, but they needed to move out of their rental house. We stayed in the 'guest suite' - very plush!

On Sunday we went to Mount Tamborine and left the family to do what they needed to do. We went to Gallery Walk and it was packed - there are so many people living here now with all the development - most places that we go there a loads of people.

On Monday we moved on to Caloundra. We managed to get into a caravan park that is quite old and really should be demolished and started again - but there is not a lot of choice. All parks are council owned here and very busy. After the van was all set up we went for a walk into town (we are staying very close to town) and enjoyed the sun.

Yesterday we had a look at the other caravan parks in Caloundra (found one that is worse than this one!) and then went to Mooloolaba where we had a lazy lunch in an Irish pub and a wander around the shops. We checked out the caravan park there, but it is full like the others. We had a look at a park in Maroochydore and could stay there for one night on 7 August! It rained on and off all day, but we maanged to shower dodge.

Today it was still showerey so we decided to go to Montville - silly idea maybe, but we were prepared for the rain as Montville is up in the hills. All was going well until the Jeep developed a problem just this side of Maleney. We decided to go to Maleney and then creep back down hoping that the Jeep would make it back to the caravan park - which it did. Thank goodness Barry upgraded our RACT membership to Ultimate. The RACQ guy took about 30 minutes to get here and a hose has blown - we were worried that it was the turbo. A new one has been ordered from Melbourne and will hopefully be here Friday afternoon. The RACQ guy is not supposed to fit it but he will. I have paid for us to stay here for another 2 nights which will take us to Saturday. Barry has organised with the park for us to stay as long as necessary after Saturday and will only have to pay for the days we are here - usually you have to pay up front. People are ringing all the time to come in and this spot was to be taken by someone else tomorrow, but they have been moved. If it comes to the crunch and they do want us to move they have a tractor that can move the van.

We decided to walk to the bowling club tonight as the rain was very light. All good and we were entertaining ourselves on the pokies with our $1 each when the heavens opened and stayed open. We waited for 2.5 hours and then thought would be ok, but when went outside it was still raining heavily. One of the staff members gave us a lift back to the park - how good was that!

Tomorrow we will go the RACQ and find out how to organise a hire car, which is covered for 5 days. The rain is supposed to ease off after tomorrow - so we are looking forward to that as running out of clean clothes. Have been told to keep an eye on our washing when on the line as it may not stay there........could be an excuse to sit outside reading while guarding the washing - if it stops raining!!!!!

Time for bed so that is it for now.

Over and out

M and B xxxxx

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