Wandering Wights 2010 travel blog

Anchor Point


Fishwalk in Soldotna on the Kenai River

Dipnetting at the mouth of the Kenai River in Kenai

Mt.Redoubt across Cook Inlet

Homer small boat harbor

Denali on the beach in Homer

beach writing

beach poetry

ephemeral art

Sea gull Eagle

Today we went to the Soldotna Visitor's Center and took a look at the humongous fish that had been caught there years before. Then we went down the fish walk to the river and saw people fishing, cleaning fish, and catching fish. It was pretty cool to see them catch a big fish about 27 inches, but apparently that's a normal size around here. We also watched people dip netting in the mouth of the Kenai River from the bluff in Kenai. There were tents set up on the beach and portapotties too. Everyone had driven down the beach and was now standing up to their waists in the freezing cold water and wind holding out their nets right in a line. We could also see Mt. Redoubt, a volcano that had erupted last year, from the bluff. We then drove through Homer to the end of the road. The road ends in a hotel parking lot, I bet they had to pay big bucks to get that spot. In the windy waves on the exposed side of Homer Spit lots of sea otters were floating on their backs right over where the kelp beds probably are. We went for a walk by The Alaska Island and Oceans Visitor's Center down to the beach. On the way down we saw sandhill cranes, two adults and a fuzzy chick. The beach was covered with driftwood and kelp, not as much as South Beach in Washington, though. It did smell the same. We drove to the furtherest west highway point in Alaska, Anchor Point, where we spent the "night". After dinner we went down onto the beach and walked into the wind. Lots of Halibut carcasses had washed up on the beach and seagulls and bald eagles squabbled over the entrails, yes, bald eagles. Occasionally the eagles flew overhead and we could see that though some were adults a bunch were yearlings who were still mottled. We leapt from sand bar to sand bar avoiding the streams of freezing cold water. Well, most of us anyway, Emily just walked right through. We created ephemeral art on the beach and looked at the different foot prints of seagulls and eagles. Out over the inlet sunbeams streamed through a break in the clouds, for all the world looking like divine favor of the gods. We could see many volcanoes in the distance.

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