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Crazy Horse

Close what it is supposed to look like when it's done. Far...

Mountain Goats that joined us for lunch

Mountain Goat coming down the mountain for lunch


Today we went to Keystone, a tourist town. That’s even the way they advertize themselves. There were 5 kinds of shops, Bars, Restaurants, jewelry shops, t-shirt shops, and what we call “junk shops”. You know the ones that sell items made in China, Taiwan, etc. Then we went to see the Crazy Horse monument. It was a rip off. It cost $10.00 per person to get in. To get any closer you had to pay another $4.00 to ride a bus. We came in to the monument from the north. If we had come in from the south we could have gotten pictures as good for free from the road. What a let down after Mt. Rushmore where you could get up to the base of the mountain. We drove to Custer City where they were having a festival and a car show. Jim enjoyed looking at the classic cars since when we get home his work begins on his 53 Chevy pickup truck. There are always ideas to be gleaned from these shows. After this we found a spot with picnic tables by a little stream. As we were eating a group of mountain goats came down off of the mountain right into the picnic area. As I was taking pictures of them Jim called to look up on the mountain and there were a mother goat and her 2 little ones.

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