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As you can see, it is not fancy.

Another look.

Parked along the road behind the store. I think it might be...

Left St. Joe early this morning, but still took us till 1:30 to get here and get set up. This little park would certainly not be someplace I would want to stay for very long. There are teenagers running it and they don’t really care if you stay or not. It’s on the cheap side; $26.38 for the night. We have full hook-ups and internet, but no cable. No frills at all, but there is a convenient store you can walk to.

We really seem to be having a bad year. I always wait for Donnie to hook up the electric then I run the slides out. Well, this time it didn’t work. The bedroom slide just sat there and hummed. We have wracked our brains trying to figure out why it would quit working all of a sudden, but can’t come up with any kind of explanation. Donnie finally pushed on it, while I pushed on the control, and we managed to get it open. It’s our bedroom slide and since he is 6’3”, we really needed it out. We will wait till we reach our final destination before getting it worked on. It is always something.

The name of this Park is Countryside Park. It is located right outside of Lennox, South Dakota, but I am not recommending it for more than a one night stay. Everything does seem to work well, and I am picking up several stations on the TV with just the antenna.

Our plans have changed again. We had wanted to spend some time in Glendive, Montana, but found out, at the last moment, that they really don’t have room for us, so we have decided to go to Sheridan, Wyoming instead. We will be taking the long way around, because I had already made reservations for this trip and will keep my promises. Get to see a little more of the country too.

I am going to get off of here and get this posted. Do any of you out there in the internet world know anything about Face Book? I signed up for it, but have no idea what I am doing. Any info would be a big help. Thanks in advance and stay safe… :)

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