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front of Livingston's house faces the old roadway.

river side of the house

the pond has goldfish in it - okay - koi?

gazebo with children's playhouse in back

Malden, NY - steeple of the Methodist church that I went to...

Malden's little River Park that we walk to on occasion to watch...

Saugerties Lighthouse

remains of the second Clermont home

Locust Avenue went between the houses, now a picnic area

Livingston's house from Malden

lighthouse as seen from a dead end street in Malden

The second stop was down river in Clermont (I think my map won't show a line from Kinderhook to Clermont, but that's what we did!) at the State Park there to have lunch and see the gardens. I don't remember ever having been there, so Mom showed me around.

7 generations of the Livingston family lived here, ending in the early 20th century.

Robert R. Livingston, Jr. was Clermont's most notable resident. His accomplishments include: drafting the Declaration of Independence, serving as first U.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs, administering the oath of office to George Washington, negotiating the Louisiana Purchase, and developing steamboat technology with Robert Fulton. Today, Clermont appears much as it did in the early 20th century, when it was the home of the property's last two generations: Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Livingston and their daughters, Honoria and Janet. Mom and I walked through gardens and saw the girls' playhouse and children's garden.

On the south side of the State Park is the remains of a second home on the property that burned in 1909, 101 years ago! It is hard for me to understand how a brick house can burn to such an extent, but there it is! The house was shaped like an H for some reason and must have been beautiful, like the big house!

We are directly across the river from Saugerties and Malden is just north of the village, so we got a good view of Malden and the Saugerties Lighthouse while here! I then had to stop at the river's edge in Malden to get a picture of Livingston's home and the lighthouse from that angle!

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