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Girls take a long time to get moving in the morning….hair…waking up….hair…waking up….hair…..Disney Channel……so Clint and I decided to check out the beach scene early without the chics. First we found some coffee (coffee maker was one of the amenities not included in our room)……then we walked down to the board walk to watch the surfers. Other than the surfers and the homeless folks waking up….not a lot going on in the morning at OB.

Eventually we went back and got the girls for the next morning walk. This time we went out on the fishing pier, then to the tide pools and finally as far down the beach as we could walk before Clint just couldn’t take another step. So I carried him back to the hotel (which was a lot further with him on my shoulders) and then we suited up for the beach.

My favorite taco stand is right next to the hotel, so before heading to the beach we stopped for a quick lunch. Lunch was great…..right up until the fella’s in the tattoo parlor above the taco stand lit up a huge “Bob Marley”……..which I imagine was for medicinal purposes. The girls had their noses plugged and their heads tucked in their shirts while Clint loudly asked what smelled so bad…..which was a contrast to the couple at the table next to us that were inhaling deeply and talking about ordering more tacos.

Ran into grandpa and grandma on the way to the beach…so grandpa, Clint and I headed to the beach and the girls decided to hit a few more shops. Between lawn chairs, coolers, blankets, umbrella, towels and keeping track of Clint…..I was wiped by the time we walked to the spot grandpa decided was perfect. Grandpa hasn’t lost his touch for finding a spot on the beach……he had at least 15-reasons as to why this was the perfect spot. Oddly, out of the 15-reasons, one wasn’t the smallest bikini on the entire beach laying 5-feet from where he was setting up the blanket…..but I’m fairly certain that was the real reason. I was also fairly certain I’d be “blamed” for picking the spot when the girls showed up.

San Diego has been “enjoying” unseasonably cooler temperatures…’s high was 68…..and usually the sun burns through the haze by noon…..but today it didn’t burn through until almost 6:00 p.m. Personally I love the weather……nice breeze…not baking in the sun……and the crowds are much smaller. Beautiful day at the beach.......although the water seemed even colder than yesterday.

Met grandpa and grandma at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. After another great meal (this time without the smoke), we headed for another walk along the beach. Only a couple hours long as the crew was whining about being too tired to walk…..and only able to watch the Disney Channel. We have a big day in the car tomorrow….so I’m okay with not being out too late.

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