Summer 2010 Part 2 travel blog

2000 miles to Coronado to get our picture taken with a cow?

One of three check points

Not our hotel.....

Kids wanted to go to the beach……so we decided to drive over to San Diego. Thought it might be a bit crowded in grandpa and grandma’s one bedroom condo, so we hit the internet looking for a hotel and got lucky to find one on the beach…….the key part of lucky is the fact it is on the beach…..(later some are going to wonder why an older hotel cost so much with only one bed).

In order to get from Yuma to San Diego, we had to cross through check points. The first check point was for fruits and vegetation…….and we must have looked suspicious because we didn’t get waved through…..instead we had to answer questions and they wanted to search our cooler. The irony is about a quarter of a mile past the check point, we realized after assuring the Fruit Patrol we weren’t packing any produce, we realized we did have a banana, and it was sitting right on the center console in plain sight.

The second and third check points were for illegal aliens. At the second check point, the border patrol officer informed us that he had a tip that the kids in our car weren’t American citizens…….usually a pretty sober group, I was a bit taken back. Fortunately before I tried to make a break for it, he smiled and I realized he was just jerking my chain. The third check point waved us straight through….no questions (but the dog didn’t react to our car so that might have helped.)

Since the check in time at hotel wasn’t until 3:00, we went to Coronado island to eat and take in the sites. Quite a difference in temperature…..high temp on the island was 70 degrees…..and it was only 68 when we were there. Ate at a 50’s diner…..took in some shops and then headed for the hotel.

The hotel is located right on Ocean Beach. So after checking in (and informing me the room was small and only had one bed), we spent the afternoon at the beach. Everyone was so apologetic because the high temperature was only 70, but I thought it was perfect.

Clint, who usually shows little interest in the ocean, wanted to go swimming. The 67 degree water was a lot colder than grandpa and grandma’s 92 degree pool. Clint got knocked down pretty quickly when he thought it would be a good idea to run into the oncoming wave. After a few minutes, the girls came down and wanted to swim (which gave me an opportunity to enjoy the cool water much higher on my anatomy).

Ocean Beach is kind of a younger (or homeless) crowd. So on our way to dinner, the kids got to see dreadlocks, piercings and all kinds of body art. A lot of open air bars on the main drag……and I think Lilli was a bit nervous we were going to drag her into one of them to eat……but was relieved when we picked a tame one. Right by the restaurant we ate at was a place that could you could get a Mohawk, tattoo and all kinds of body piercings (we didn’t get any).

After dinner we headed to the beach wall and watched the sun set and the surfers. At the wall was an interesting collection of tourists, young kids and homeless. We had a homeless person invite us to watch the sunset next to her….so we did. Good day.

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