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Some of Mtn Views Along the Way...Kind of Montana-ish

In the Natl Park

Yes, Those are Wild Vicuna...They Blend w/ Landscape Incredibly Well

Closer Up Vicuna...a Bit Blurry Tho

Park Entry Sign

Okay, These Llama You Can See, Right!?

Yes, It's Cold Up Here!

We're Surrounded By Volcanic Mts...Most Inactive...Forground, Cairns Pilled Here For Centuries

Our Tour Bus, We Thought We'd Be in a Group of No...

Which Witch...My Cairn is At Bottom of Pic Center

Happy Bon, Keeping Warm...But This Tour Didn't Fulfill Promises(English Guide?)...Including Huge #...

Road To Chivay...Down in Valley

On Road Up Canyon...Terracing Everywhere Possible

Road From Chivay...Down in Valley

Chivay Plaza...Cute Indigenous Kid w/ Kid

They Know How to Make Llamas Pay Their Way...This 3 Month Old...

The River Making the Canyon

Folk Music Singers...Great Show and Dance

Folk Music Singers...Great Show and Dance

Morning Sun on Hills...River Canyon at Its Start After Leaving Chivay

More Terracing, Lots of Agriculture in this Canyon/Valley

More Terracing and the River Below...From Volcanic Mtn Tops to River, 2nd...

Walled Enclosures Planted w/ Cactus, Not Impregnated w/ Glass!

'Mature' Cactus on Enclosure Wall




One of Small Villages Along the Way in Canyon

Literally 100's of Tourists Trying to Get a Glimpse of Condors


Andes Condor, 40 Total Left, Live 50 Yrs., One Egg Every Two...


Andes Condor






Wild Llama, They Round Up Twice a Year to Shear

Bus to Chivey, flat tire, great mtns, alternate betw headache and stomach ache from altitude sickness (over 4800 m.= 14,800 feet). Vicuna, alpaca, llama viewing along the way, over pass we go to the hotsprings...very nice, lots of tourists but since we are here late in the day (7 pm) not as many as earlier I suspect. Eve dinner and folk music/dance better than I'd expected. See pics.

Russ Lawrence and Jean Matthews...PCVs here from Hamilton, MT!!! Ran Chapter One Bookstore for 21 years there. Great meeting them and chatting. Visit Russ and Jean in Peru

More Info and Pics of Colca Canyon

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