Kenya - Summer 2010 :) travel blog

Today was awesome!

Went into Karen, about a half hour matatu ride from Ngong, to Isaac(our host's nephew that lives with us)'s church. Him and some friends meet every Saturday to practice their dance group ... they are amazing! We were there for a couple hours, and they taught us some of their moves, I have never seen anything like it, raw talent I tell you! Did have some on video but then my camera gubbed up :( But the other's have some, should be able to get hold of a copy.

Then for dinner we went to a restaurant called Carnivore, it was incredible! As the name suggests they have pretty much every meat possible, I tried everything -> Ostrich meatballs, ostrich steak(my favourite :D), crocodile (surprisingly good!), ox liver(didn't like this :S), turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, ox balls (!) and camel! Was absolutley incredible, it's pretty well known and in a lot of guide books, I would definitely recommend it! According to others, I was drunk on meat!

Matatu rides are hilarious. They are like very small minibuses, with a lot of people crammed into them. They are always personalized, in so many different colours, and a lot of them have been pimped to the max! A lot of them have installed tvs and huge amps, music is always blasting out!

The driving over here's another story. It's insaaaaane! There seems to be not rules, overtaking occurs anywhere, speed is however they feel, and the roads themselves can be bumpy as hell. There is no courteous driving, people will dodge in wherever. Something everyone needs to experience, it's dangerous but a hell of a lot of fun! Another thing about matatus - the roads are that bumpy a lot of therm have padded ceilings for when your head hits the roof!

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