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In Kenya! Still don't seem to be in a daily routine at Sidai orphanage. After a 25 minute walk, got there 8.30, and was sent back the way i came to cook in the slum. Before Sidai was where it is, it was situated in the slum tucked in the centre of Ngong - very well hidden, I would never have known it was there if i wasn't showed! Anyway, Sidai moved out of the slum into a large house just out of town, but as some of the kids from the slum are too small to walk the distance they are still taught in the old orphanage. Today we went there to cook for them; it's incredible the difference between the old and new homes.

We then met Mochilo, Mama Lucy's son (Mama Lucy is the founder of Sidai). He had a baby only a month ago, so we wanted to go and see it. He told us it was traditon that when you greet a new baby you spit on it! They believe in a sort of bad omen that some people put effectively a curse on the baby, so spitting on it prevents this. For this reason the birth of a new child is also not announced, and only select few are told. Mochilo described the walk to his as a hike - i didn't take him literally as I should have! He lives at the top of a hill; it took about an hour to walk there, and today was really hot so it was even harder! Mochilo himself is great craic. He is a rasta, and has his hair in dreadlocks - something deeply frowned upon. This is because people with dreadlocks are stereotyped as being gang members, if he is seen by the police then he is taken to their station and his head shaved! So for this reason he wears a hat when in public. You can pay the police off here though, he told us one time his mother took him to the police and paid them to shave his hair - Mochilo responded by paying the police not to! But the police take payment for anything - if you are drinking and driving, you pay them a small sum and they forget about it. Crazy!

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