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The last week seems to have flown by. When I last posted I was sitting in the garden at Cleveland with no plans. Well the day stayed like that except for a visit to the supermarket to by supplies to cook dinner for Kaye and Chris on Thursday. Kaye and I also went for a very long walk through the housing estates around them. When they moved to Cleveland they lived on the edge of town......that has now changed. The number of houses being built in Queensland is quite daunting. Give me Tassie any day - no where near as many people in our space!

On Thursday we went to Redland Bay after I had put some corned silverside in the slow cooker and contemplated walking out along a sandbar to a small island. Decided that as I had my 'good' thongs on I wouldn't be walking through any water to get there and we walked along the esplanade and jetty. On the way back we saw a dad and his two daughters running back along the sandbar as they had realised the tide was coming in quickly. They made it back to shore, very wet and without us needing to rescue them! The funniest thing was dad telling his girls not to tell their mum and buying them an icecream to keep their secret :O

After that we went to Birkdale, which we had been looking forward to.

Birkdale has Chumley Warner - an English shop, but not just lollies, it was like a mini grocery store. We were in there for ages. Had a good old look and bought some pork sausages and 3 pork pies, which went straight in the freezer. They are made by people that trained to make pork pies in Melton Mowbray - the home of the pork pie! We ate our first one yesterday and it was delicious.

The next stop was the English fish and chip shop. The friers were imported from England, so they cook the fish and chips the English way. They then import cod, haddock and plaice from the north sea. We had cod and chips and were is seventh heaven - devine. The only annoyance was being surrounded by English people having a moan. We realised that we are now well and truly Australian and much happier listening to Aussies!

On Friday we went to Woollengabba, which is where the Gabba is for Brisbane's AFL team. We spent an age in Queenslands biggest antique shop - 60 dealers. Was very interesting and we found a few things for our shop.

On Saturday Barry went to some garage sales and I went with Kaye to Stradbroke Island for a Christmas in July lunch. We caught the ferry over and then had a pre-lunch walk and found a quirky shop which had some good things for the shop - so I bought them! Lunch was a lot of fun. It was with the people from the boat club that Chris and Kaye belong to. We sat in the Little Ship Club gardens for the afternoon before catching the ferry home again.

Sunday was my birthday and we went to the Chandler Market for a wander before meeting Kaye at the Queensland Royal Sailing Squadron for a leisurely lunch. Chris had gone to Hobart for the weekend. After our long lunch we went for a walk to look at some of the boats in the marina - boy there is some serious money sitting on that water!

On Monday we left Cleveland and came to Chinderah, which is a little village on the river. There are only 32 powered sites here so very small and most people are here for the winter, so they all know each other - they come year after year. They are all very friendly. We will be here until Saturday.

Yesterday we walked up to the antique shop (yes even here there is an antique shop!). It is a combination of antique shop and museum, which hires stuff out to museums and for movie making. Very interesting and we have our eye on a few things in there. Then we went for a drive to Kingscliffe and Salt. Had a wander around and then back to the van as it was a little cool.

Today we went to Surfers for the day. It did not disappoint - tired and grotty. Not many people around and most people were not happy, smiley people. We are now back in the van relaxing and feeling very much in holiday mode.

Over and out

M and B xxxx

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