Beijing to St Petersburg May 2010 travel blog

Young fellow

View from train



My space for 2 nights

Beautiful house accommodation Suzdal


Getting water

Local fare plus vodka & rhubarb drink

Suzdal house

Saturday 5th June 2010 - day 3 on the train - smoked sardines for breakfast - should be getting off the train in 5 1/2 hours or earlier - feel as if I never want to see these clothes again - been in them for 3 days and nights - had Deb for lunch and that is about it for the food. Got out of train this morning at Kirov Pass about 4am - grain crops sown, pretty purple wild flowers, garden beds between train line and grain paddocks. 12.50 pm local time now and I have packed up, only 4 bags now - rid of the 'food bag'. Looking forward to moving on now that we are so close. Just calculating, it is going to take me 32 hours from leaving hotel in St Petersburg until plane arrives in Melbourne. Cemeteries are along the railway line. 2.10pm local time and coming into Vladimir. Off the train and finally arrived at our accommodation in Suzdal, the bus driver 'Sasha' was stopped by police for about 1/2 hour, got to our 'home stay', what a beautiful place, all wood - 2 storey, Marj and I are on the bottom, no steps this time. Lovely and warm pipe heating around the walls, double glazed windows and double doors. the walls are huge big logs, between the logs is what looks like felt. Went out to eat, I had borsch soup and potatoes and mushrooms (they are big on potatoes and mushrooms here). It was lovely to have a shower, wash my hair and put on clean clothes. Very tired now - been a long day.

Sunday 6th June 2010

Vehicles drive on right hand side of road - left and right hand drive vehicles. A beautiful day here. Breakfast was porridge, omelette, cheese. Monastery is now a museum, frescos all over walls and ceilings - went to all public buildings, ended up at wooden architecture museum village. The woodwork is just so beautiful. the church bells rang, so lovely, done by 1 man using a treadle type thing and ropes on pulleys to ring other bells. 33 churches and 5 monasteries in Suzdal. No industry allowed in Suzdal. Had lunch of hotpot chicken, mushrooms and cheese (it was spot the chicken). Last night never seemed to get dark - quilts and quilting very popular here - the accommodation has them displayed all over - quilted bedspreads and wall hangings. Suzdal is one of the Gold Ring Cities.




We have walked to dinner to a local house to sample local food - there is vodka, and vodka and vodka, dancing and food. Not my scene at all. Went past the eternal flame and the unknown soldier. The Russian war was 1941 - 1945. 10.30 pm and it is still light. It is a rarity to see any signs with English words. Suzdal has very fertile land.

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