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We woke up at 7:00 and drove with John, Anne and Gavin to Anne's village. We passed tescos. It took two hours to get there. On the way there we passed durian, the stinkiest fruit in he world. You can smell it before you can see it. In Thailand mangosteen is queen of the fruits and durian is king. Despite the smell, durian is very sweet. The village is a traditional Thai village. Most of the houses are wooden huts, some of the houses are brick. Anne's old house was quite big and not made entirely out of wood - some parts are concrete. They have there own farm with cattle. Lots of the villagers helped build the house. There are wooden swings and reclining wooden chairs.

Some Thai people eat cooked insects and ants eggs. Johns labrador was very excited to see us. We went out to the village to get some food. There are lots of fields growing rough grass. There were some people playing volleyball with their feet and heads. In the village they don't chop down big trees. One tree was decorated. Anne's great grandfather was one of the people who helpd create the village. Anne's grandma is an important member of the village and also one of the first important women of the village. We ate sticky rice and fish for dinner. You don't have to use your knife and fork.

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