Westward Bound 2010 travel blog

Lake Powell

Castle Rock Dominates

No rain, but we got a rainbow

View from Campground

Ready to launch the yacht

Dawn on the lake

Tower Butte

Touring Antelope Canyon

The Canyon Narrows

Trail to Toadstools

Found one

and another

Lost it's top?

Last look at lake

We drove 190 miles from the Grand Canyon to Wahweap Camprgound on Lake Powell. Temps went from 72 to 92 as went climbed downoff that nice high desert plateau into some real desert. The lake is a brilliant blue and the scenery is surreal. Buttes, Mesas, and Canyons galore. Glaringly harsh and hot. We finally launched the canoe and did some fishing... (caught nothing worth a picture), took a boat tour of the lake and up into Antelope Canyon and a short hike into the surrounding area to see some "toadstools." (a rock formation which has a boulder perched on a rock column. It's formed over millions of years as softer rock under the boulder wears away, leaving only the rock perched on a pedestal.) Even if it is 'dry heat" 100 plus is still hot. We do stuff early AM or after five and stay in the AC mid day. Next stop Zion national Park.

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