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Jaruma Falls

Jaruma Creek

Ingham, in the rain.

We were awakened this morning by the sound of rain so after some discussion at the tourist info place we decided that the Wallaman Falls would be a waste of time, as the clouds would obscure everything… So much for the Honeywell weather station suggesting today was going to be sunny…..

Drove south to the Frosty Mango then returned via Jaruma falls.

Very picturesque but one needs a level of fitness to do the walk to the lookout. After the sealed path ran out it was a scramble across boulders and stepping-stones in the creek then one encounters a sign offering;

“Waterholes <

Lookout 450m >”

I chose the lookout option not realising that the 450m was sort of nearly vertical but the view was spectacular when I got there (eventually). Fortunately the rain held off…

Those of you following the trek on the published spreadsheet should now tear it up as due to my further incompetence it is useless, I opted for the “throw my hands in the air” solution and let Carol resolve it so now tomorrow night will be spent in Ayr and we will not be staying in Yeppoon, rather some place in Rockhampton. Yet again I tendered my resignation as tour director but my resignation was rejected. As long as we get to have a ride on the Purrey steam tram, I’m going to try and post a video on the blog in the meantime copy this into your browser and have a look by copying these URL’s into your browser;



I know it has no relevance but it is good practise at copying and pasting….

Also we can visit Mount Morgan Mines for some further fun, lets hope the bush rangers are not evident this trip…

Not sure if there is anything of interest in Ayr, will keep you all posted.

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