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Lucinda jetty

Ingham, and no sign of the chicken factory………….

Drove out to lovely seaside Lucinda this morning after doing some shopping. I must say though that I was rightfully in a very self righteous mood after breakfasting on grilled red grapefruit, local of course (3/$1) we bought along with some local bananas and more pineapples, keep this up and I’ll be hanging upside down in the trees. Ahhhh not to worry I hear there is cream lamington for afternoon tea. We bought some local tea and it is a very nice brew, speaking of which I was gutted on arrival yesterday to see the Casual Cassowary Tea Rooms no longer exist, what a bugger… They used to serve about 50 varieties of tea and the most superb scones with Jam & Cream, almost as good as the Megalong Valley tearooms.

So I digress; back to Lucinda… The Jetty, 6 km’s long and the longest in the southern hemisphere is still there and there are some new homes and a new estate has sprung up since our last visit and the railway crossings are still there and one is flashing though no trains are around so Carol jumped out to make sure no trains were coming and we drove across. I found another coconut for Gracie but the one she carried about a kilometre home at Mission Beach is the only one she is interested in…

We are off to the Wallaman Falls tomorrow but in the mean time we are waiting with baited breath for the arrival of the “PRAWN LADY”, I guess carol is having prawns for dinner, I’ll opt for KFC.

This caravan park is another one that is sensibly laid out with drive through sites large concrete pads and though we have shade it’s not set up in pseudo rain forest and seems drier than Mission beach. The SUN is out today as well which has eased my depression over the loss over the casual cassowary tea rooms…

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