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Lost for Words!

So we set out on our trek this morning after meeting our group. There are nine guys and one girl (Gotta feel sorry for her. Dave and I along with one other guy are the only new people on the trek as the others are circling the whole US and are picking us up. I don't think Dave and I were expecting this to be honest but most people seem quite accommodating although the excitement is wearing off them alittle. Dave and I are glad we are on this together though asw e can do our own thing if we want and we are determined to have an awesome time whatever!

So we set out fron LA and headed along the Pacific coast up to Big Sur "The greatest meeting of land and sea in the world" according to Robert Louis Stevenson" and he wasn't far off! Some of the scenery was spectacular. Chek out the photo - thats where we were stood. We camped about ten mins from there.

The tent putting up thing was not too bad actually and the firt night in the great outdoors was good though everyone else was really tired. Enough from me anyway will report back later.

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