Ingrid and Malcolm's trip 2005 travel blog

View from the Bathroom

Our accomodation

The view

A bit of snow!


The waterfall

Went into Cortina town for breakfast and then walked the streets - thankfully being off season the shops were closed as they were all very expensive. We then went for a drive to see where Malcolm, Silvia and Krantz used to go skiing. As Cortin is near the Austian border (it used to be part of Austria) the food was much heavier. Ingrid had Spatzle (small spinach gnocchi) and Malcolm had Canerolli (breadcumb dumplings with spinach and with prosciutto) both of thes with Speck (aniseed bread). We then went for a shot walk near the waterfalls (short as it was very cold and started to rain). We then drove back to Bologna.

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