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Bus arr / leaves late, 7:30 on another cloudy morning. Buses in Peru are not convenient or cheap - $2 US per hour of travel and rarely leave/arr on time. The GH bus does incl the 5s. breakfast consisting 2 spongy soft 'sweet' rolls in a styrofoam container and tea, also in styrofoam...a nutritional and environmental disaster!!!! They even have a steward who serves this fare, and explains the safety exits, the air conditioning adjustment vemts, and the lights over each seat which only go on after 6 pm. Shades of Turkish bus travel attempting to look like airlines used to be, ha! This attempt is largely ignored I think by the travelers who would rather be on time...just my assumption tho.

Due to road construction the bus thru fantastic mountains took longer. Beautiful vistas (see pics) valleys, rice drying and in mtns coffee beans drying everywhere. Once in Pedro Ruiz we find that bus does not go to Chacha til 3 pm and colectivos cost the same, 10s. for the one hour ride. Dropped off by Plaza de Armas right in front of Hostel Amazona, where we intended to and end up staying! For 40s. we have a bath w/ warm water and windows that look out onto the plaza. Native to Chacha owner, Edwardo answers all our questions...we get tickets at the Movil Tour office for Friday bus leaving at 10am for Chiclayo - 10 hrs, 2 meals (?). Then with the help of Carlos in the hostel (we'd ckd w/ taxis earlier, price the same!) we sign up for all day tour tomor to Kuelap ruins...basically, $20 US ea.

We almost always take day buses to destinations so we can see the sights, even the colectivo to Chacha was thru a beautiful canyon...wouldn't miss these bus trips for anything, they're just so damn expensive!

We ate a very good 6.50s vegggie meal at....................?

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