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We've decided not to miss N. Peru just because of theft so we head out today. Bus arr after 8 hr trip on Carhuamayo bus's 730 and we aren't feeling well. Ck in at Hotel Jaban just across from bus terminal...50s. w/ hot water, TV. The sick/nausea and headache feeling just came on in the last hour of travel, Bon thinks it's because the air was so stagnant in the bus. We both get in bed and don't leave for any food. I finally lose all I've eaten today, but still can't sleep - shivers, can't seem to get enuf air. Little or no sleep all nite.


By morning we get up & out but just to ck on buses to Huanaco (they say every half hour). Wish to get to Tingo Maria and Chachapoyas. After only a little while we go back to our room totally wiped! Can't figure why we are so sick. I suggest the altitude but Bon, who rarely has any reaction to altitude, doesn't think so. I ck w/ desk gal and she tells me we are at 4380 meters!! (14,000'). It must be we have gotten dehydrated! After sleeping/lying in bed all day I finally go out and get some chicken soup which seems to help. We sleep rest of nite ok, but still w/ queasyness and headache.

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