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hey. came to kratie yesterday, suffered the 9 hour journey from siem reap for one reason: seeing dolphins. This morning i rented a moto driver for the morning and was taken to kampi national park to get on a boat. I wasn't disappointed, after 20 seconds of being on the boat i heard the inimitable sound of dolphins blowing out their blowhole and within another few seconds saw 3 dolphins (1 baby too!!). spent the next hour or so just chillng out on the boat watching dolphins splashing around in the water. such a peaceful place, all the boats had their engines turned off so the only sounds were of the dolphins. Feels pretty special, there's only 70 irrawaddy dolphins left in the world, so to see 6 of them in total with my own eyes is amazing.

Been a bit down in the dumps lately so really cheered me up. Think it's that thing of meeting so many people but at the same time you know that in 1 day, 2 days, maybe 3 weeks, however long it may be - you're still gonna have to say goodbye and start on your own all over again. You get to know people really quickly over here, think its that thing of all being in the same boat, so after 2 or 3 days its like losing a long term friend. i spent my time in siem reap with a girl called sarah who eventually left to meet her girlfriend (as in the lesbian type, not the american useage) in thailand and once again it was hard to say goodbye. there's times when i really wanna come home, there's others when i wanna stay away forever so it's always one extreme or the other. less than 2 months now till im due to come home so i need to make some decisions reasonably quickly if im gonna change my flights, get money in place to stay out here etc.

Anyway, gotta go, getting a 6 hour bus to ratanakiri in an hour so need to go back and pack. feel sick as a dog today so really not looking forward to the journey. 3 days there then got a 14 hour bus back to siem reap to catch a 9 hour bus to bangkok.

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