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Kathie at Waterfall

David at Waterfall

Running Rapids

By the Campfire

David at Summit Lake Trailhead

David Bummed Out - Too Much Snow on Trail

David at Loch Leven Lakes Trailhead

Kathie at Waterfall on Loch Leven Lakes Trail

Kat Decending Loch Leven Lakes Trail over Solid Granite...

Kat and David at Hampshire Rocks Near Yuma River

A little R&R for Kat and Cats after the Hiking...

View of Donner Lake from Donner Pass

Kat at Donner Pass

David Ready to Hike to Red Mountain/Lookout Peak

The Trail to Red Mnt./ Lookout Peak

Kat on Trail to Red Mnt./ Lookout Pk.

Cpt. Morgan on Trail to Red Mnt./ Lookout Pk.

Kat and David after Lunch on the Trail

June 11 – June 17

DONNER PASS – Cisco Grove Campground

June 11, 2010

We left Mammoth for the first leg of the summer RV travels the morning of June 11th. The first stop was a week at Cisco Grove Campground near Donner Pass just west of Lake Tahoe. It’s a fair sized campground, kind of rustic, and the sites are mostly situated in the pines with several steams that go through the grounds, including a small stream at the back of our site. It was a bit of an effort to get our long rig into the site, but with a moderate amount of caution, patience, and ingenuity we got it situated just right  Once we were all set up Kat poured a glass of wine and David a Guinness and we went for a walk around the park. After dinner was a game of dominoes.

June 12, 2010

This campground does not have internet access, so we tried to set up our satellite dish to get internet access. After working at it for two hours we concluded that there we too many trees to get reception and gave up. It looked like we were going to rough it without internet… We then decided to walk up the forest service road to look for some waterfalls that the campground told us about. They said that the waterfalls were spectacular because of the snowmelt. We hiked up the road and found several waterfalls off to the side and even hiked into the wooded areas to get closer. Got some good pictures. We also came across a group of hikers just coming off the trail to Red Mountain and Lookout Peak. They said it was a 7-8 mile hike and we made note of the trailhead in case we wanted to give it a try during our week here.

June 13, 2010

This morning we noticed that the sewer pipe outside was overflowing when we took our showers. It seems that last season, some kids put rocks down in the sewer and that they need to dig up the blocked section and replace it. We should not have been given this site, but did not want to move since it was a nice secluded site and considering all the work it took to get the rig in here. We decided to stay and just close our valves and use the holding tanks for the week. There was a dump station on the way out. The campground gave us a fire ring (an old washing machine tub) to use and a few nights worth of firewood for our trouble. After dealing with the sewer, we went into Truckee and found a Starbucks where we used their internet Wi-Fi. It looked like we wouldn’t rough it after all. In the evening we had a nice fire and some more wine and Guinness.

June 14, 2010

We intended to do a small hike this morning to Summit Lake. Unfortunately the trail was completely snowed in and we had to change our plans. SO, since we were close to Truckee already we went to Starbucks for coffee, pastry, and internet access. Afterwards we decide to try a different trail to Loch Leven Lakes. We had been told that the trail was snowed in at some point, but we could probably get in about a mile or so before hitting the snow. The trail goes through rock formations and we had to learn to look for piles of three stones that marked the trail here and there. Luckily there was another couple on the trail with us that had been there before. This trail was different than what we had hiked so far, mainly rocks to go over and UP HILL most of the way. We hit the snow at about a mile and a half in and turned back at that point. We had gone up several hundred feet in elevation by that time and had seen some wonderful panoramic views of the area as well as more waterfalls and rapids in a large stream. We had another nice fire this evening and made nachos with chili and cheese to eat by the fire.

June 15, 2010

Went sightseeing today – drove the old road to Donner Lake, went to the Donner State Memorial Park and learned all about the ill-fated Donner party that the area is named for. The old road has glorious views of Donner Lake and really gives a sense of the difficulty the pioneers endured to get across the pass. We then went into Truckee for pizza and to get Kat new shoes at the Bass outlet store. Of course we bought pants for both of us and a shirt for David as well. At least we got a good deal!!! Once again we had a nice fire in the evening…

June 16, 2010

Today we decided to do the Red Mountain/Lookout Peak Hike. David had all the information he could get programmed into the handheld GPS and off we went. Well, about 1/2 miles in we lost the trail and the GPS got us walking in circles for a while. Finally, we decided that the information in the GPS was not real accurate and hiked up a creek bed that looked like it might be the trail. It was and we were back on track. This hike was also mostly UP HILL as we crossed stream beds and again lots of rocky paths. We had hiked about half of the way to Red Mountain and decided to turn back. We’d gone almost 4 miles and over 1,000 feet in elevation gain. So, we had our lunch and took some pictures – David had a signal on his phone and for fun sent a picture of the view and a text message to his brother and former boss. Tonight was our last fire as we will be cleaning/packing up on Thursday to be ready to leave first thing Friday morning.

June 17, 2010

Today we got ready for the road. We went to Truckee and went to the DMV to get our tags renewed for the truck and trailer, fuel for the truck and of course one last trip to Starbucks. We packed up the trailer and got it road ready. In the evening we relaxed with knitting (Kat) and reading (David). Our next destination is Weed, California to see David’s first cousin, Chuck Maurer and his wife, Kathy Maurer. Yep, same name . They got us into RVing and we have had many adventures with them and are looking forward to many more around Mt. Shasta.

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