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Bon Contemplating the Shopping Task Ahead at Jokey Plaza Shopping Mall

View of Food Court at Jokey Plaza...One of Lima & Peru's Largest...

Speaking of Goals, Food Court TV Showing the Brazilians Beating Chile 3-0

Surprise! Look What We Have Here!

Ace Here Looks Like a Home Depot!

Yes Indeed It Is! They're Not Just Hardware Anymore in Lima!

Garden Center at Ace in Jokey Plaza

We finally decided that Bon's day pack was a lost cause and booked tickets for Lima leaving this am at 8:30 which proceeded to leave at 9:15. We've been over this route twice so not much new to look at, just spend our time reading, sleeping, and luckily since we had gotten our tickets the day before, we had front seats on the upper deck so our panarama was quite substancial should we decide to look up and appreciate it! Our bags were with us on the bus so no worries about theft. Just relax and listen to the obnoxious latin movie script (the TV was directly overhead), ha!

Arr in Lima at 3:15 and taxi directly to Flying Dog Hostel where we were somewhat fondly remembered and given our 'regular' room, number 2 right next to the front desk.

6/28 - 30

Been doing what it takes to replace all of Bon's stuff incl daypack itself...prices here are very high, so most we'll have Tiff & Todd get in Msla and ship to us here. This means we wait or go travel for a week + while postal services do their thing. Lima is expensive so it is cheaper to travel out and about, we'll wait until all is aok and shipped from afar before leaving. Been a bummer since most of the stuff is 'irreplaceable' i.e. addresses in address book, accounting stuff, notes for getting to/from friends...all just a major hassle to recoup really. Should count ourselves lucky none of it was really important (passport, credit cards, etc). Just seems to be a huge waste overall since the most valuable things stolen the thieves won't recognize as valuable...Malarone for malaria worth $600 US+/-, and Synthroid $200 US!!! Probably just thrown in the trash somewhere!

Picked up Brazil visas today...nice folks, very impressive visa, has imprinted pic of person issued right on visa-neat! Plus, they give you a handout explaining that the cost of $140 US is due to reciprocity i.e. Only because US charges that much as well!!!

We are getting around this huge city quite well using taxis ($3 US ea ride), just don't understand their bus system...very confusing, and the combis (small vans) that zip all around don't help since they travel very specific routes and only people going on these routes seem to know where they go! Ha! Peru is very disfunctional transportation-wise from what we have experienced so far.


Bon spent most of the day getting things arranged for shipping down here via Tiff & Todd...thank goodness we've got their backup, could not do it w/o! She is also having to spend alot of time retrofitting the day pack she found...removing and sewing on parts and pieces to make it work. It's a Kelty and the materials aren't as good as old pack but the design is similar. Basically, we're just stalling until box is shipped and Bon's watch is ready (in to be repaired).

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