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Undara Lava Tubes

Lava Tube

Lava Tube2

Train carriage restuarant

Marg at Atkinson's lookout

Jim resting maybe.....

Purple ants

Placement of rocks

Trevor, Carol & Gracie will not be joining us at Undara as they have already been there and are heading to Innot Hot Springs. We will be catching up with them in Cairns on Monday 28th.

Arrived at Undara Volcanic National Park on Saturday 26th to visit the lava tubes. Within the National Park there is a commercially run lodge which accommodates caravans and tenting. They also have a vast number of Queensland rail train carriages which they have converted into accommodation quarters along with a very unique restaurant. Had dinner. I choose the tri meat dish which was crocodile, kangaroo and emu. What can I say……I found the kangaroo and emu to be stringy and a little bit on the tough side and the croc was a non evident, not much flavour to it at all. Jim played safe and had chicken.

We went to a camp fire get together after dinner and were entertained by Greenie. He read poetry which centered around grey nomands, of course, which was really funny and we were certainly able to relate to it.......

We went on a four hour tour the following day and guess what - Greenie was our guide. He is a wealth of information about the region and the lava tubes. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Greenie pointed out a termite mound which was being attacked by ants. What made the sight a bit unusal was that the ants were purple and not black.

A little bit of information about the lava tubes.

The lava tubes were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions resulting in huge underground tunnels. There are over 90 of these tunnels but the public is only allowed to tour six of tubes and only via an organised tour.

There are lots of walking paths throughout the area, so if you enjoy bush walking there is lot of walks to choose from. The paths are well marked and as long as you stay on the marked paths you won’t get lost. We really enjoyed doing a number of them. One of the walks if you make it to the top you can mark the success with adding a rock to pile of rocks. Which of course we did.

Monday we left to make our way to Cairns where we will meet up again with the Watson's.

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