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Beautiful scenery in Yakutat and Disenchantment Bays.

Mount St. Elias.

Hubbard Glacier.

Hubbard Glacier and ice field.

Sailing away from Disenchantment Bay.

After locating our stateroom and checking out the ship, we went back to our deck for the sail-away. Just three doors down from our cabin was an aft deck that stretched all the way across the rear of the ship…a fantail Dave tells me (a former Navy man and now in the Army). And no one was there, so we had it all to ourselves. This could be cool!

During the night, the ship took various courses through Prince William Sound and then headed across the Gulf of Alaska to Yakutat Bay where we would view the Hubbard Glacier. I know you may be thinking “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”, but these things are incredible, and we never got tired of seeing them. The Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America stretching 76 miles from Mt. Logan in the Yukon to Disenchantment Bay off the Yakutat. Its face is six miles wide, and it regularly “calves” pieces that are as big as a 10-story building. As we entered the bay, the surrounding scenery was beautiful. As I was taking a picture of a particularly beautiful mountain scene, our on-board naturalist, Kathy, excitedly announced that we were seeing a very rare sight…Mount St. Elias, the 3rd highest peak in North America…the one I was taking a picture of. According to Kathy, it’s even rarer to see Mount St Elias than Mount McKinley because the bay is normally shrouded in clouds, and the only way to see it is by boat. She’s been here dozens of times, and this was the first time she had seen it. She was soooo excited and that excitement carried over to the passengers! Disenchantment Bay had a lot of “brash”, so much in fact, that it was almost an ice field. This would prevent us from getting too close to the glacier, but it in no way kept us from seeing this beautiful giant. The ship once again did a 360, so from our spot on the fantail, we had beautiful views of the glacier and its ice field. The pictures just don’t do it justice.

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