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Innot Hot Springs, under new management….


So this place is a dump, worse than Kynuna…. No TV, Phone, water pressure or lighting in the park, everything run down, Taps broken, etc etc etc…. Gone down hill since our stay in 2005. I'd be thinking bulldoze the lot and start again.....

About the only redeeming thing this place had to offer was a tourist (of European ethnicity) who took her obnoxious kids (we discovered this at dinner at the Pub) to the pool wearing a teensy string bikini…. Geriatric eyes fell out of their sockets….

A bit different to the Midway van Park at Georgetown where Carol & I were free and Gracie was $20 a night, here they want $25 (with seniors discount) and provide a power point…

It’s up for sale and under the control of lessees who don’t give a toss…. A guy who said “ Hi I’m Rob” in the hot pool asked me what I thought of the place and I suggested that it would be a goldmine if there was a communications node, TV cabled to each site and had a café or restaurant that served meals until a sensible hour and did not shut down at 5:30 pm, plus of course fix the place up cosmetically. It would be as good as Moree but it needs a person with a bit of vision to see the potential make the deal and do the place up. “Rob” then told me he was thinking of buying the place and thanked me for my candour. I slid under the soothing waters…

So we are only staying a night, moving on tomorrow…

We wonder how our friends are going at Undarra; they have no phone or TV but at least have useable facilities. But we will get into Lake Placid early to get the best site.

We did go to the Hot Springs Hotel for dinner and the meals there are still superb if you are into healthy options, meat and 10 (ten!!) veg…. Delicious fresh veggies….

Gracie went to the creek where the hot water bubbles up out of the ground as the pools are out of bounds to all but paying guests… She sniffed and drank and stood and then went in for a swim, quite funny to watch her trying to figure out why she should be allowed to “swim” in the bath I guess…

Now when I get Internet access I’ll have to add Atherton to the map.

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