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Goat Rodeo

Time to catch some goats!

Lindsay on the mechanical bull

On the way to Kroombit, we went through a small place called Biloela. We were probably told something interesting about it, but I don't remember what it was right now!

We arrived at the Cattle Station and were taken straight for lunch, your choice, most people had steak, and as much salad as you wanted, the beetroot was pretty good. Then we had a talk from the cowboy guy on the horse called Andy about our itinerary for the evening.

We bought cowboy hats, bandana scarfs and checked into our cabins. Then we had to go straight to the activity we'd chosen to do; horse riding, quad biking or going for a bush walk. I went quad biking of course! It was so cool and so much fun, the quad bike had 5 gears to let you go faster and faster so we caused alot of sand clouds on the dirt track. We made a couple of stops along the way, one to take photos infront of another amazing view on the quad, and then at a place where they de-horn cattle and Yannis showed us where they dunked the cows in the bath to kill any tics they may have on them. There were a few floating dead frogs in there too and Paul took a horn back to base with him.

When we got back to the station, we went straight over the where they keep the goats. It was time to try out some lasooing on some cattle skulls tied to poles, people could do their clay pigeon shooting, and then it was goat rodeo time! We had to get into groups of 4, each group had to get into the pen with the goats, and we were timed for how long it took us to separate 4 male goats from the others, by grabbing them by their horns and dragging them into the ajoining pen. The fastest group took about 42 seconds and the longest was way passed 8 minutes! My group did well with just over a minute.

The last thing we had to do at the goat rodeo was all stand in a circle and hold hands. Then Andy came over with an empty glass bottle and an 11,000 volt cattle prod. He stood in the middle, spun the bottle on the floor and the two people it faced, he got them to place to fingers on each side of the 11,000 volt cattle prod. Amazingly all of us felt the electric shock - there was a bus load of us! Next it was just the girls' turn, this hurt a lot more. Unfortunately there were a lot fewer of the guys and Andy got them to place their right hands on the left ear of the guy next to them... There was a big "ouch" after that!

Back at the ranch which was equipped with a bar and log fires and everything, we had pre-dinner drinks and pre-dinner roasted goat as an appetiser. Time for dinner - beef again, roast with potatoes, gravy and other such veges. After dinner one of the old fellas talked to us about cattle farming and goats and stuff, he did a demo on whip cracking and managed to accidentally catch Melanie's hand cause she was holding a leaf out for him, so he bought her a bottle of bubbly! Next it was our turn to try whip cracking - we had to stand on a plastic crate and wear plastic glasses incase we hit ourselves in the eye, and then crack the whip as they told us and the sound it made came from all around you instead of next to you. Next everyone had a go on the mechanical bull, and the longest anyone stayed on was for 19 bucks! I stayed on for 0 bucks, twice!

Then next morning at the crack of 6am we all had to check out and go for breakfast. Beans on toast and tea all round, then back on the coach for our next stop at Airlie Beach to go sailing on the Whitsundays!

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