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Commemorative Plaque for 18,000 Dead From 1970 Earthquake/Landslide

Huascaran Mountain and Overall View of Area Where Old Yungay Town Stood...Now...

Looking From Cemetary Down at Landslide Area

Area S. of Site of Landslide Untouched

Valley Leading From Yungay S to Huaraz

Memorial Park Site...See Far Rt Church Facade Down to Far Lt Side...

Closeup of Memorial Park/Gardens, Barely Visible Are a Few Palm Trees in...

No day pack! Left on bus to Huaraz at 2. Went half way on paved roads, then stopped at 3:30 for 1 1/2 hours for ??? who knows (rumor was that road construction caused it). Great mtn road/views, road was indeed being reconstructed (see pics), majorly, some places barely 1 lane, room for only single vehicles so waitng for traffic coming the other way at wide spots in road. Then about 7:30 we reached the 'pass', +/- 12,500' at which point the road became newly paved, 2 lanes and took us an hour getting down to Huaraz at 9,200' mainly because once we reached the outskirts of town suddenly the paved hwy disappeared into a bumpy, mostly single lane road again w/ wide spots to pass by...houses built right up to the roadside! Once in town at bus stop, we fell for a tout (it being 8:30, we tired) who took us to Casa Hospedaje 'Nana' for 25s., dbl w/ bath. Not too bad, close enuf to center of town.


Went to internet and called Juan who said he could get Bon's pack, needed to send him $20 US via Alas Peruianas bus agency. We hurried over to the agency office and Ceasar, guy in charge wrote a recpt on back of Bon's ticket for the $$$. He could not call (just had moved to this new location 2 days ago). We went and called Juan to let him know the $$ was coming, etc. Juan said that he'd get the pack send it on the 1:30 bus arr at 9 pm! Yeah!!!

We then went to a tour agency and booked a tour for tomor to go the Chavin de Huantar and the ruins of Chavin culture...1000-300 BC predate Incas by 2,000 yrs. These people did not conquer by warfare but influenced other areas via their artistic & cultural development. It's deity was the jaguar/puma, eagle, snake representing god on earth, in sky/above, and below earth. Corn was staple food, but they introduced squash, avocados, yucca, + other veggie. This allowed more leisure pursuits - art & religion - since no longer spent as much time hunting/gathering.

At noon we caught a colectivo and headed N...visiting the steam/hot baths at Chancos and later after going all the way to Caraz and realizing we couldn't do a hike (too far, too late in the day), we returned to Yungay. Here on May 31, 19709 the entire town of 18,000 was buried after an earthquake caused 6768m. high Mt. Huascaran Norte 14 km away to loose a landslide!!! Huascaran is the highest peak in Peru, the highest peak in the tropics in the the Cordillera Blanca has 50 peaks over 5700m. (19,000')high whereas in N. Am only 3 exist this high - Pico de ORIZABA in MX, Logan in Canada, and Denali in Alaska! Europe has none...only in Asia are mtns higher than in the Andes.

Back in town we waited til 8:30 before returning to the bus agency where it was closed. We rousted the guy behind the big steel garage doors and found out 1. He knew nothing about the pack 2. Bus (he said) was coming at 9:30...We waited - no bus. We called Juan and he said he did not get the pack but was sure it was there - tomor at 9 am he was going to get it. Turns out the police caught thieves the day we left...they had tried again to steal stuff in front of the bus station there in Casma. Bon was very distraught - now thinking it all is but a dream!?

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