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Taxi to Turismo Paramonga on Jiron Luna Pizarro 256 by 10 am. It was supposed to be direct but took over an hour just to get out of Lima, didn't arr in Barranca til almost 3! Good movie, Evan Almighty in English...since we'd been over this road coming down, no distracting scenery to watch, ha! From bus stop we walked half a block to Hospedaje 'Leoncio Prado' for dbl @40s. and very helpful folks. Clearing up our confusion over where/when to go. Carlos, the owner, took us down the street and hooked us up w/ taxi (30s.) to Paramonga, a huge adobe temple attributed to the Chimu civilization ruling the N coast before Incas conquered them in 15th century. see pics. After an hour+ back to Barranca and ck out colectivos for Caral ruins. According to archeologists these people were contemporary w/ Egypt, India, and China some 4-5,000 yrs ago.


Caral ruins...

Up and out by 6:45, colectivo waiting for 2 more passengers til 7:30. Only 6s. for the hr drive up a river valley full of irrig agric - sugar cane, potatoes, asparagus,, onions, peppers, etc. From a walking bridge over dry river bed we hiked another 15 min. to the site. see pics. Both of us agree - restoration is a bit misleading, not really what was orig built...lacked the thick stucco walls which we think were more likely there 5,000 yrs ago. Mostly a facsimilie and in addition, they would not let us walk the grounds w/o a guide! This prevented us from going to many places since we did not pay the exhorbitant 20s. extra and they put us w/ a very slow moving group of locals (guides only speak Spanish as well). Since we only had a bit over an hour by the time we had to leave they had walked only 1/2 way thru the very expansive site. see pics. Back in Barranca we got to bus stop by 12:30 since we were told the bus to Huaraz would pass by betw 1 & 2 and didn't want to miss it. After 2-3 buses passed by full we changed plans and got on bus headed for Casma, Transportes Anita.

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