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Road into Lake Louise - a few frost heaves

More road to Lake Louise

Distant glacier and lake seen from road to Lake Louise

Our 44th Anniversary dessert disappeared fast! What a cookie!

We hated to leave Kenny Lake but today it is time to get off to Anchorage. We travelled back up AK highway 4 to AK highway 1 and headed southwest toward the cities of Palmer and Anchorage. Dick turned off the road to take a side trup to Lake Louise. This is Alaskan Lake Louise and is at 20 mile trip to the end of a narrow two lane road that we discovered has lots of frost heaves and other significant bumps along the way. He took the road just because we could and it was an exhilarating one hour ride! We also got a good view of a distant glacier and lake and took photos to share.

Much of Highway 1 is a four lane highway but there are several long stretches of two lane road that follow closely along the edge of rivers and around mountains offering little room for error as the edge drops off sharply toward the valley below. After arriving at Palmer the whole lifestyle changed and the road became more of an urban roadway environment all the way to Anchorage. We have not seen traffic like this since we left the area around Calgary, Alberta over three weeks ago. Most of the time we have had the visible road to ourselves, often not seeing another vehicle for miles and miles. What a change.

We arrived at Fort Richardson Army Base about 5 PM and went directly to Black Spruce Family Campground on the base. We set up the RV and then headed over to the base PX/BX and Commissary stores located on the adjacent Elmendorf Air Force Base to check on their hours and get some dinner. Dick being a retired Naval Officer we are eligible to use base facilities and take advantage of the exchange and commissary privileges for our shopping.

Wednesday June 15 – A down day at Fort Richardson. We did our grocery and exchange shopping after sleeping in late. Dick was able to schedule the replacement of the broken Saturn window for Friday morning.

Thurs/Fri June 16-17 – More down time, doing laundry and maintenance. On Friday Dick went to the main gate and escorted the auto glass repairman onto the base. The replacement window was the correct one and by noon the Saturn had a new rear driver’s side window. Our Duct Tape patch had held up well with no water leaking in.

Saturday June 18 – our 44th Wedding Anniversary! A GOOD START on a lifetime of happiness and joy! We drove out to the Anchorage International Airport just to make sure that we would know where to go when the time comes to pick up Ellie. After that we found a nice steak and seafood restaurant and shared an excellent anniversary dinner. We topped off dinner with a shared huge fresh baked vanilla cookie (about 7 inch diameter) covered with six types of berries and ice cream. We were both full but that dessert tasted so good it all disappeared!

Sunday June 19 – A last day in Fort Richardson and we made yet another exchange and commissary run and Dick picked up a nice book on Fishing in Alaska.

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