LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Well, after 3 months of near perfect weather, it was bound to happen sometime. Yes, it finally rained - hard - and ruined our plans of being beach bums. Bummer, especially bc Coff's Harbour is meant to have one of the loveliest beaches on the coast. Rainy days are great when you can sleep in and watch movies all day. Not so great when your only amusement is on four wheels. Oh well, we checked into the campsite anyway with the notion that it might clear up. It never did. Much to our fortune, the campsite happened to have a TV room with a DVD player and we happened to have a couple of DVD's we bought in Thailand. The movie of choice was Hitch. We were thoroughly enjoying it - even forgot about the storm and winds that almost blew the door in. And then it went all fuzzy -- the DVD, not the door. Yes, also our luck, we had to stop the film in the best part because it kept freezing on us. Bummer. ( btw, please do not let us know how it ends because we do want to try to watch it again at the next available location.) Couldn't watch the other one either bc they closed the tv room at 8. After all, that is bedtime for most campers...

After that disappointment, we had a fantastic bbq in the cold rain then retired early.

We did go into town the next day as the rain had stopped but was still quite cloudy. Did a bit of shopping, had some lunch then we were on the road again to greener and hopefully sunnier pastures.

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