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What a wonderful day we had today. We were treated to a delicious lunch at Il Cielo,, by the owner and friend, Pasquale Vericella. Pat is the brother of our dear friend, Biagio Vericella, in Augusta, GA. We met Biagio and his wife, Ruth Ann, over 25 years ago at a neighborhood pool in Augusta. We found out that we were all from NE Ohio and western PA. In fact, our families have known each other for years. We became instant friends and were more like family!! In addition to visiting with Pat, we were able to see his daughter, Julia, who we hadn't seen in years. Pat made our visit to Beverly Hills a special day!!

After enjoying our lunch, we decided to be adventuresome and travel through LA traffic down Santa Monica Blvd to Malibu Beach. We just couldn't believe how beautiful the scenery was - over each hill and around every bend the scene was more beautiful than the one before.

We learned on this jaunt just how important our GPS has become to us. We missed our turn to return back to Canoga Park to our RV and just as I was reconfiguring the GPS I got a low battery alert and the GPS turned off. And of course, today of all days, we forgot the maps - we figured we were about 40 miles away from where we were staying and on the other side of the mountain. Thanks to the directions of a very nice California girl, we were able to get back home to the RV. And we immediately went to Best Buy to buy a new charging cord for the GPS.

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