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Playa El Agua beach. Spent some time here!!!!

Scott & Sam doing some bonding!!!

It´s fun to stay at the...........

You lookin´ at me???


Very shiny, very happy happy people!

Sam defintely needs glasses!

Once again, nobody knows what Sam is talking about..... !

Oh yeah, now this is more like it! After arriving on Isla Margarita late afternoon/early evening and check into our hotels and meet up to have dinner and check out the bars. We´re staying in Playa El Agua, apparently the cool place to stay on this island and on first impressions it is! We have dinner in a lovely resturant on the beach front listening to the carribean sea lapping on the shores on the beach and then head onto a bar where we get staight into the Cubra Libra´s (rum and cokes) and get into the swing of things. Katie and I are taught to dance salsa by some locals and we´re pretty good I reckon (but we were drunk!!?).... We get chatting to all the locals and have a great night....we like it here already.... Our 10 days on the island are spent relaxing and enjoying the beauiful weather, swimming in the carribean sea (getting knocked around by waves and losing our bikini tops!), perhaps having a spot of lunch followed by, er, more sunbathing. Most evenings are spent in the beach front bars sipping rum and cokes and having a laugh... Although one evening was slightly different - after a few drinking games at our appartment we headed for a fun packed Friday night, or so we thought. The bar we´re in gets raided by the police at around mid night and the whole bar (which is fairly busy) are lined up.... Katie and I (and a couple of locals who we think may have been hookers) are then asked to make our way to the toilet (which is minging) by a lovely lady officer. We then have our bags search AND are asked to lift up our tops and pull down our trousers! It was quite an embarrassing and degrading thing to have to do and as you can imagine put a dampner on the evening.... Apart from this incident, we had a lovely and relaxing time on this island and cant really fault it. After our 10 days we headed off to Caracus so Katie and Scott could get their flight and we could go on to Ecuador...................................

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