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The beautiful Angel Falls.

The water falls an entire kilometer before splashdown!!

Our pilot - "look, no hands!"

The view out of our dodgy little window

Next morning we're up with the birds (literally, they are LOUD) and are getting ready for Angel Falls. Back in the boat and after another hour or two we're trecking through the jungle to get to the falls. It's about an hour and a half to the falls, and because it's just the start of the wet season we're told we can get nearer to the top and swim in the pool. Sam and Scott get straight in there but Katie and I bottle and just watch. Whilst there, a (we assume) Venezuelan pulls out a traditional (we think) leather thong thingy and head dress and puts it all on, we watched in amusement as he dives in and nearly loses the whole lot. Think I have a photo so will try and post it..... So anyway, the falls. Very beautiful and impressive, not as much water as we anticipated but all very worth it. After about an hour we're trecking back through the jungle and making our way back to have some lunch. We hang out on the banks of the river enjoying the sun and after watching our fellow tour members play and game of "throw rocks at each other across the river" and one of them getting hit above the eye and losing alot of blood (told you they were odd) we're back to the camp where this guy is rushed off to hospital - whoops. We spend another evening having dinner and drinking rum, another group arrive

and the guide had brought a birthday cake for me (it's my 27th the next day) on Sam's intructions and everyone sings happy birthday - yay! It's really cool and it's definitely a birthday I wont forget in a morning up with the birds again, and sh*t - I'm 27! Back on the boat for another eternity and then onto the plane where, once again, our loco pilot does some more scary plane tricks!!! I'm wondering if I'm gonna make it past 27 and 1 day but of course we arrive safely back in Bolivar.. After a very fun but very very wet 3 days we're all very keen to get moving to Isla Margarita to enjoy some of that carribean sunshine......

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