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Lake Cainamia - Base camp of Angel Falls

The black water of Lake Cainamia.

Some of the local wildlife.

The canoe we spent 3 days in!

Our beds for 2 nights!

Base camp, in the middle of the jungle!!

Shortly after we land we're greeted by our very loud guide Christian, he give us the low down on what we'll be doing for the next few days and pulls out a 6 pack. We gladly accept a beer (just to help calm our nerves or course) and hang out there for a few hours awaiting the rest of our group. Christian is getting more drunk and more loud but luckily he's not drivng the boat. The rest of the group arrive later (much later) and are a strange group of volunteer workers, one is wearing a Boris Becker style hair band - nuff said.. Anyway, we eventually get on our motorised canoe and set off down the river. We get to the back thinking that's the best place to be but soon find out it's the wettest! Never mind, Christian is passing the rum round which helps to take the edge off getting soaked. We go over a few sets of rapids and it gets pretty hairy but we make it without capsizing..3 hours (!) later we arrive at our camp as it starts to get dark. The camp is pretty basic building with a kitchens/dining area, showers/bathroom area and a lot of hammocks, it's right in the heart of the jungle and it's pretty cool. We get down to dinner and drinking rum but Christian getting out of control and talking crap so we hit the hamocks pretty early..........we want to be fresh in the morning for our journey to the falls...

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