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Two Harbor Light Station

Two Harbor Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

Greeting committee at campsite

Wolf artwork on building

Lupine in Canada

Neys Provincial Park

Ouimet Canyon

Stick art in water

Sunset on Lake Superior

June 12

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada

Before leaving Two Harbors, we stopped to see 2 lighthouses. A little tough to see through the fog but I really wanted to see them anyway. We camped right by Marie Louise Lake and as soon as we arrived we were greeted by ducks, squirrels and a deer. They all proceeded to keep us company as we sat by the lake. They were all looking for handouts which they didn’t get from us but they tried hard. The challenge at this site was that we couldn’t find where the electrical hookup was. Finally one of the other campers showed us and it was at least 150 feet away. We then had to get a long 50’ extension cord from the park plus our 30 foot plus the one attached to the camper. And even then we couldn’t face the nice view as we were parked as close as we could get to the hookup.

June 13

Neys Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada

We went to the Amethyst Panorama Mine today. It is the largest operating amethyst mine in North America. It has been run by the same family since 1980. They were very pleasant and gave us a tour and showed us some huge pieces they had dug up. We then went out to pick some of our own gems. I found a beautiful amethyst ring with diamonds but at $1200 decided I could live without it.

We’re happy to report the black flies and deer flies are alive and well and living in Ontario. We both have the bites to prove it.

We also went to Ouimet Canyon for a walk around. The canyons are just incredible to look at and see how they were formed. There was an attraction nearby called a zip line that takes you across the canyon (over 600 feet) in about a minute. If it had been a nicer day we MAY have tried it, but having a slight fear of heights maybe not!

June 14

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada

The one thing about having rain every day for about 2 weeks straight is that when you wake up in the morning to a blue sky and sun you really appreciate it. We had sun all day today and we were finally able to see what Lake Superior looked like after driving around it for 3 days. The parks have been nice to stay in with water views from our sites. We feel like we’re at the ocean when we look at Lake Superior except for the lack of the smell of salt air as well as the waves. Of course nothing could compare to Acadia.

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