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Our plane. A mini with wings!!

So we arrive in Boliva and check to an hotel on the banks of the river Orinoco. We head straight out to go to the airport to meet Katie and Scott as we're slightly unsure of when they will land - eeek. Luckily we check our voicemails and have one telling us they'll be arriving that evening so we hang out in the airport which consists of one landing strip and arrivals area - not much to do... We have a butchers at Jimmy Angels plane which is outside the airport. Jimmy was the first dude to "discover" Angel Falls and the plane looks bloody ancient. Apparently the nut case landed the thing on top of the falls! Anyhoo, we get chatting to a tour guide - William - who promtly pulls out a bottle of rum and we sit in his office getting slightly tipsy and waiting for our pals to arrive. Needless to say by the time they arrive (a good 2 hours later) we're a bit drunk and Willam has sold us a 3 day - 2 night tour to Angel Falls. The plan is to leave the very next morning, on a very small 6 seater propellor plane which he shows us parked on the tarmac of the airport. Scary! It's bloody tiny....but hey ho, there's only one way to get there....the next morning we're back at the airport awaiting our 1 hour 20 mins flight on the tiniest plane ever. I'm (Ange) wondering whether to take a valium but decide as it's so early I probably shouldn't. I am pooing my pants though and kind of wish my pals would do an Ateam/BA-Baracus on me and knock me clean out ("I aint getting on no plane fool"). So in we get, with poor old Katie at the back with all the groceries. We take off really fast, none of this getting up to speed business. After twiddling a few knobs and turning some dials, our pilot sits back looking bored and takes his hands off the gear stick thingy. This does not help my nerves - however, it's all really smooth and the views of the jungle are spectacular. After near on a hour we start to decend from 6500ft. Our nut case pilot then decides to scare the crap out of us all by doing a few tricks! First he zooms down until we're just a few feet above the water, doing really sharp turns along the river, and he's turning so sharply it looks to us like the wings are going to touch the water. He then speeds up some more and goes up a waterfall (not Angel Falls thank god)! It was about 3 minutes of all of us screaming like we were on a ride at Alton Towers, bloody brilliant though - something I dont think any of us will forget. So here we are in Cainamia, a bit shaken and glad to be alive.............

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