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Mochima National Park

The Cat & Mouse rocks - Mochima National Park

Larry the Lizzard

Ahhhhhh!! Now that's more like it!! A little town, on the Carribean

coast with a much more laid back, friendly approach to life. We

arrived at Puerto with only a few hitches. First hitch. After being on

the bus for about 2 hours, we stopped for lunch. Soon after we

finished we were told that our bus was now knackered (no air-con) and

that we would be getting on another one which had arrived for lunch

around the same time. Chaos ensues, with everybody shouting and

yabbing on, jostling for positions to get on the next bus, while

Angela and I stand there, smoking fags and wondering what the hell

was happening. Then, everybody gets on the bus except us!! We are

told not to worry, and we would be going on the bus directly next to

our old one. Bearing in mind, we are in the middle of nowhere, and

have no money on us at all. Suddenly, we are told to get back on the

original bus, with the crazy bus driver, and 4 of his mates. So we hop back on, start chatting away with theses guy's, and after about half an hour we get to a check point. The bus is pulled over and we are told to get off the bus!! As soon as we get off we are ushered quickly on another bus waiting behind us, much to the passengers amusement. After about another hour, yet another check point, and I (Sam) find myself up against the side of the bus, legs spread akimbo, getting searched by a power crazed border guard with a semi automatic pistol. An experience I can tell you!!!!

Soon after we are back on the road, and arrive in Puerto La Cruz and check into a nice little hotel on the sea front. We spent a couple of days chilling out around the town, then on the third day we took a boat trip out to the Mochima National Park, which is a group of islands about an hour out into the carribean sea. Very cool. Crystal clear water, lots of snorkelling, lunch on a deserted island and to top it all, wild Dolphins. Amazing. We spent a couple more days relaxing, then caught a bus to Boliva, the first stage of Angel Falls, and to meet are friends Katie and Scott from England...............

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