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Caracas, capital of Venezuala. Two words. Sh*t hole. Supposedly one of the richest countries in South America, it has a very itimidating feel to it as soon as you land. Apart from getting hassled to ,´change moneee, change moneee?´ about every five milliseconds, we managed to get through customs and on to a bus without any trouble. The bus was about 600 years old, and I think the driver was equally as aincient, coupled with the fact he didn´t seem to bothered about looking where he was going either, led to an interesting ride into central Caracus. We passed through many ´shanty towns´ which eventually led into a sprawling concrete metropolis, teeming with people, cars, buses, more taxis than people, and general chaos in every direction. The bus dropped us of in the east central part of town, where we promptly jumped into a pimped up American cab, which took us to a place called ´Sabana Grande´, a slightly safer part of Caracas. Once there, Angela and I unexpectedly checked into a ´love motel´. Now, we had read about these places, but never got round to staying in one. They are basically hotel rooms which you can rent by the hour. Handy, for the boss-secretary scenario. Anyway, it was very clean and modern with a huge bed, sat tv, en-suite etc, with a giant mirror directly in front of the bed!!! Ha haa!!!! Great fun. We also stumbled across numerous adult channels whislt inoccently looking for BBC world. We promptly turned over. Well, eventually.

Anyways, due to Caracas not being the most inviting of places, we stayed in, ordered room service, and headed for the bus station the next morning. Next stop, Puerto la Cruz.....

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