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We got up and had checked out of our hostel by 10am. We had to wait till 1pm before we got our transfer to the Airport. We just sat around the hostel and had a bite to eat.

At 1pm our bus arrived and after a nervis 25min drive to the Airport (the driver was crazy) we had a wait of about 3 hours till our flight left, so it was time to get the book out again.

5.10pm our flight was due to leave but about 20 min later we finally took off. On the flight I finished my third book for the trip and had the worst landing of all the flights I have taken (which must be getting close to 25) as we where approching the wings where moving up and down and seeing it was friday the 13th I was starting to worry and then we must of dropped like 5m because it was a big bang. Anyway we made it and that was the main thing.

After we got through passport controll (they asked the same questions as before and make it hard for you) we got our bags and the customs guys must of thought we looked a little suss, because both Andrew and I got our bags surched. Luckly they didn't find the rock I took from Anzac Cove.

After about a 50min tube ride we made it to our hostel and checked in. Straight away we left and went to the last hostel hopefully to pick up our bags we left there. After we negotiated the upgraded security that they had installed since we where there last and had a five minute serch we finally found our bags and where on our way.

Back to the new hostel and as soon as the head hit the pillow I was out (Hope I didn't snore to much, we are in an 8 person dorm).

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