North to Alaska-2010 travel blog

Drive through at the beginning of the park

Mountain Sheep

Baby Bear


Kootenay River

Bear on side of road

Olive Lake


Hot Springs Pool

Today was our day to explore the area. We are staying in the town of Radium Hot Springs, but it is right at the doorstep of Kootenay National Park, in the Canadian Rockies. Everywhere you look the scenery is breathtaking - the mountains still have a lot of snow on them. This morning it is very cloudy with intermitent rain, but we can't let that stop us. We exchanged some money today and got a little more for our dollar, which is great since things are a lot more expensive in Canada. Gas for instance is 99 cents per liter, there are 3.78 liters to a gallon, so that is almost $4.00 per gallon! Actually, diesel is cheaper than gas here which is good for us - gas is about $1.06 per liter. Oh, well, nothing we can do about that. We drove through Kootenay National Park, stopping very frequently to take pictures, because you think oh this is beautiful, then you go around the corner and it is more beautiful. We saw some wildlife, which was thrilling. We saw mountain sheep, bears, and lots of deer. We saw two small bears (probably a year old) and as David was taking their pictures it dawned on him that their mama was probably near by - sure enough he looked further into the woods and she was looking straight at him - time to go. The other bear was just wandering by the side of the road eating. We also took a short hike and saw some huge moose tracks - luckily didn't see him/her.

As you probably guessed by the name of the town, there is a hot springs here. Later in the afternoon we went into the hot springs - boy did that feel good. It was about 60 degrees outside and the springs are 104 degrees. They also have a cool pool so we sent over there and swam a few laps to cool off - the cool pool is about 84 degrees. All in all quite a full day - we left at 9:00 in the morning and got back home about 8:00 in the evening - you know David he wants to see everything there is to see - even if it kills us!

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