North to Alaska-2010 travel blog

Welcome to British Columbia

View from campsite

Another view from campsite

We left the RV Park about 7:15, anxious to get started on our adventure. We drove through northern Idaho, there are very few towns and people up that way. Mostly forests and rivers and lakes. Very beautiful, but very isolated.

We arrived at the Canadian border about 10:15. We were stopped at the US border and asked a few questions. They had a truck with this big arm extended over the drivway. We were told to drive under at a walker's pace and they were scanning our RV?? Don't know what they were looking for, but I guess we didn't have any because they told us to go on through. Next was the Canadian border crossing. We were asked if we had any fruits, vegetables, firewood, or firearms. Since we didn't have any of those things we were passed through. Finally, we have reached Canada! The scenery is breathtaking, but it is very cloudy and rainy, so not many photo ops. We arrived at the campground about 3:30 - very nice place. We have spectacular views from the back of our RV - see pictures (pictures were taken 2 days later because of rain). We had a meeting after everyone arrived and found out we were very lucky - people behind us encountered SNOW! They said it started hailing first, then turned to huge flakes and covered the road with about an inch of snow in about 15 minutes. Luckily it stopped quickly and they were able to proceed without any problems. Sure glad we missed that!

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